Accompanying an exhibition at Te Papa, The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashions draws on the Victoria and Albert Museum's superb collection of fashionable wedding dresses, as well as photographs, letters, memoirs, newspaper accounts and genealogical research to explore the history of the wedding dress and the tradi... read more

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Dior is one of the most revered names in fashion, the archetype of the Parisian couture house. Famous for launching the "New Look," Christian Dior's landmark first collection that marked a sea change in women's dress after the Second World War, Dior is known today for its exquisite couture line of dramatic dresses. This book ... read more

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Makeup is art. Every face is a blank canvas and every brush stroke creates something magical. Makeup enhances natural beauty but also builds confidence for everyday life. Jana Ririnui, makeup artist and founder of AOFM, and Lan Nguyen, makeup artist and creative director, have come together with a team of other top industry p... read more

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One of the most remarkable cultural success stories over the past 25 years in New Zealand has been the spectacular growth of the World of WearableArt, an annual competition and award show that explores the intersection of fashion and art. This unique event, which draws an audience in Wellington of over 45,000 people every yea... read more

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One of the most interesting cultural phenomena in New Zealand over the past 22 years has been the spectacular success of the World of Wearable Art, an annual competition and award show that explores the intersection of fashion and art, through a genre popularly known as wearable art. This unique event, which draws an audience... read more

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Curated by Grazia magazine's Style Director, Paula Reed, this beautifully designed new title takes a fresh look at key pieces in fashion history from the 1970s. From Bianca Jagger in Halston and Diane Von Furstenberg's first wrap dress to the rise of punk and Biba, it outlines and details the most influential looks of the dec... read more

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From the 1920s flapper dresses to 1940s twin-sets, 1970s flares and the avant-garde catwalk creations of the designers of the 1990s, the multitude of fashions produced in the 20th century offers something for every sartorial taste. This acccessible book takes a close look at this increasingly popular area of collecting, cover... read more

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Author:Drusilla Beyfus
Series:Vogue on Designers

The handsome, aristocratic Hubert de Givenchy blended the hallowed traditions of haute couture with a modern sensibility. For 40 years he focused always on purity of line, but combined an artist's eye with a keen entrepreneurial mind. His innovative 1952 debut collection made its mark by presenting separates, then a little-kn... read more

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Author:Linda Watson
Series:Vogue on Designers

A provocateur, radical thinker and instigator of the most important sartorial statements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Vivienne Westwood is a fearless nonconformist with a relentless passion for tradition. From the mini crini, the liberty corset and the rocking-horse shoe to the stunning, sumptuous wedding dres... read more

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One of the most remarkable cultural success stories over the past 25 years in New Zealand has been the spectacular growth of the World of WearableArt®, an annual competition and award show that explores the intersection of fashion and art. This unique event, which draws an audience in Wellington of over 45,000 people eve... read more

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Drawing on the collections of the V&A, Glam Rock narrates the story of glam and explores its impact on fashion, theatre and film. In the early 1970s, glam rock changed the face of popular culture in Britain and, against a backdrop of a nation racked by economical and social crises, its flamboyancy and theatricality provid... read more

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The Mega Square Shoes focuses on the history of the shoe and elevates the shoe to the rank of a work of art. The author is the curator of Frances Shoe Museum and a leading expert on the subject. The Mega Square will be the ideal gift, presenting an interesting and different subject in a small and practical format

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Author:Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins
Awards:Finalist in the 2011 New Zealand Post Book Awards - Illustrated Non-fiction category

Contrary to popular opinion, New Zealand Fashion didn't begin in the late 1990s when four designers were sent to the London catwalks and created a stir with their stylish dark garments. Its history is in fact a long and rich one, and no one tells it better than the team of Douglas Lloyd Jenkins, Claire Regnault and Lucy Hammo... read more

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Carrie Bradshaw adored them; Beyonce sang about them; princesses wear them. From the first time a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes graced the red carpet, the brand has been favored by Hollywood stars, British royalty, and the world's most fashionable women--as well as highly coveted by millions around the world. Founded in 1996 by Ta... read more

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Nice women never wore makeup. Even the word was taboo in polite society - until Max Factor entered the scene. Born in Poland in 1877, Factor worked as a beautician for the Russian royal family, the Romanovs. In 1904, he fled to America, where he opened a cosmetics store in Los Angeles. Creating makeup originally for silent fi... read more

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Author:Harold Koda
Series:Metropolitan Museum of Art S.

Although separated by time, Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli - both Italian, both feminists - share striking affinities in terms of their design strategies and fashion manifestoes. Presented as an intimate "conversation", "Schiaparelli and Prada" aims to tease out formal and conceptual similarities between the two designer... read more

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David Bowie is renowned for his innovative, ever-changing style; from androgynous leotards and space-age jumpsuits to short-cut blazers and distressed frock coats. With an estimated 136 million album sales under his belt, and over a thousand international tour dates, Bowie has captured the attention of rock fans all over the ... read more

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Author:Susan Irvine
Series:Vogue on Designers

In 1936, Cristobal Balenciaga opened a fashion house in Paris, after fleeing the Spanish civil war; within a couple of seasons he had raised fashion to the level of art. Christian Dior called Balenciaga 'the master of us all', while Coco Chanel claimed that he alone was 'a couturier in the truest sense of the word ...the othe... read more

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When Fashion Really Works showcases eighty outstanding fashion confections, from the birth of the industry in the mid-19th century to the present day, and defines the characteristics of the garments that render the design both influential and iconic. These range from the appropriation of other cultures, such as Jeanne Lanvin'... read more

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The encounter between art and fashion has been a rapidly growing phenomenon over the last decade, with major international artists working with top fashion houses to produce contemporary masterpieces that challenge the traditional boundary between these two dynamic cultures. In Art/Fashion in the 21st Century, five chapters f... read more

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