New Zealand Fashion Design celebrates New Zealand's top contemporary fashion designers, showcasing their work and encapsulating the developments in this fast-moving creative field over the past thirty years. New Zealand's designers are as diverse ... read more

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*Following the sucess of the bestselling Big Book of Fashion Illustration, this brand-new collection showcases the very latest in fashion illustration. *All new material and bigger, better and bang on trend *Over 1000 of the most cutting-edge fashion illustrations from around the world The visual bible for fashion illustrator... read more

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Featuring a selection of contemporary fashion photography, this title takes us on a visual odyssey through ideas of beauty, danger and seduction. It explores the confluence of art, fashion and fetish in the cult of high heels swooping down fashion show runways and city streets everywhere.

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Hats can be stylish and outlandish, formal and conservative; they can denote status and authority or simply offer protection against the elements; they can hide the wearer or draw full attention to them. Filled to the brim with illustrations, artworks, photographs and designs, The Hat Book reveals the fascinating history of t... read more

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Against the background of rising mass-transit fares and an unhealthy planet, the liberation and efficiency of getting around by bike has made city cycling one of the most popular pursuits in urban life. This title presents charismatic combinations of individual style and practical function and shows how far cycle attire has m... read more

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This lavishly illustrated book features essays from thirty of the world's top designers who talk about fashion in the first decade of the 21st Century with its emphasis on craftsmanship and traditional techniques and pay loving homage to the iconic couturiers of the past, expressing how their creativity and attention to detai... read more

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This beautiful reference work showcases 50 iconic outfits from one of fashion's most influential and exciting decades. From the bombshell glamour of Marilyn Monroe in 'How to Marry a Millionaire' to the immergence of teenage style, via the sculptural forms of Christian Dior's New Look and Balenciaga's double A-Line, it celebr... read more

 Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed the 1950s by Paula Reed, is part of a series from the Design Museum, who state their mission is to celebrate, entertain and inform. A survey of fashion influences of the 50s, this book includes designers (Balenciaga, Dior), the fabulous and famous (Edith Head, Grace Kelly, Lauren Baca... read more

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Between the pleats Issey Miyake's iconic line of innovative garments. Issey Miyake's Pleats Please collections were first launched in 1993. Made from single pieces of high quality 100 per cent polyester fabric, Pleats Please clothing is innovative in its process: the clothes are first cut and sewn together nearly three times ... read more

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This publication presents and illustrates diverse fashions, including shoes, hats, jewellery, undergarments, and outerwear. Each fashion is intended for visual presentation on a two-page spread. Information comes from research, museums, and history of costume books. The book is written in a format that is concise and engaging... read more

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An enthralling overview of the astonishing artistic skill of the leading lifestyle illustrators of the period, Lifestyle Illustration of the 50s reveals the changing social aspirations of the post-war generation and their growing optimism for the future. Featuring over 1,000 beautiful and stylistically diverse illustrations, ... read more

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What is it about a pair of shoes that so enchants women of all ages, demographics, political affiliations, and style tribes? Part social history, part fashion record, part pop-culture celebration, Women from the Ankle Down seeks to answer that question as it unfolds the story of shoes in the twentieth century. The tale begins... read more

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From the authors of popular bi-coastal street fashion blog Street Fashion Style, this hip how-to reference is the ultimate guide for shooting street style photography. In breezy, accessible text, street fashion insiders Dyanna Dawson and J.T. Tran reveal tips and techniques on everything from choosing on-the-go camera equipme... read more

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Every would-be fashion designer or illustrator must have this! Internationally acclaimed author Martin Dawber explains everything you need to know about how to create a successful sketchbook: finding inspiration and ideas; capturing color, silhouette, and texture; design development; and establishing key elements and themes. ... read more

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A collection of the lavish and iconic gowns of Christian Dior, from the 1950s and '60s, captured by the legendary photographer Mark Shaw. Iconic photographer Mark Shaw documented the ultra-exclusive Parisian fashion world, focusing on Paris's long-standing top couturier Christian Dior. Shaw's photographs--some of the first fa... read more

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Learning a new discipline is similar to learning a new language; in order to master the foundation of fashion design, you must first master the basic building blocks of its language - the definitions, function, and usage." The Language of Fashion Design" provides students and fashion designers with the basic elements of fashi... read more

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Throughout history, fashion models have occupied a curious position: while their faces were instantly familiar, virtually nothing else was known about them. But their impression upon Vogue's readership has always been considerable -- they reflect and represent the ever-changing ideal of beauty. It was models such as Barbara G... read more

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Perhaps you long for your wedding day to be a profusion of fluttering bunting and delicate Victorian tea plates, or envisage deck chairs and checked picnic blankets adorning your lawn. Do you dream of a heavenly vintage wedding dress or delicately embroidered tablecloths scattered with pretty vintage cups and saucers for your... read more

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Curated by connoisseurs of vintage clothing, the Vintage Showroom is a vast collection of rare 20th century pieces that fashion designers and stylists pay to view, using the cut and detailing of individual garments as inspiration for their own work. Offering one of a kind access, The Vintage Showroom Menswear now makes this u... read more

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Fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are or who we want to be. Yet even as fashion touches the lives of each and every one of us, it can seem mysterious. Who better to guide readers into the dizzying world of fashion than Frances ... read more

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Featuring fabric designs by more than one hundred of the worlds top fashion designers and brands, and over 1,100 colour and black and white images, this is the most comprehensive sourcebook of fashion fabrics ever produced. The huge, varied collection of swatches reproduced in this book ranges from examples by contemporary de... read more

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