A new and fully updated edition of the original, bestselling survival handbook. Written by ex-SAS survival expert John 'Lofty' Wiseman, this book provides the most reliable, authoritative and respected survival information on the market. The original survival handbook - the choice of both survival expert and novice, this book... read more

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Author:Todd Bridigum
Series:Motorbooks Workshop

Welding is a skill any do-it-yourself enthusiast needs in his arsenal. It is only when you can join metal that you can properly repair and create. This book is the perfect introduction for beginners, and an excellent refresher for veteran welders, a work so comprehensive and so complete that most readers won't need any furthe... read more

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This pioneering guide offers a proven method for thinking like an inventor and generating innovative, viable ideas. The "eureka moment" is when breakthrough ideas occur. The Eureka Method is a proven approach to making those moments happen! There are many books on inventing, most of which address how to secure and protect a p... read more

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Getting started with electronics has never been easier than with this full-color DIY guide The perfect companion for every hobbyist, Hacking Electronics provides a wealth of up-to-date tutorials and reference material ideal for DIY enthusiasts. The book explains essential components, including transistors, capacitors, and res... read more

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More Evil. More Ingenious. More FUN! Tackle the 35 Biggest, Baddest, Most Powerful Electronics Projects Ever Assembled in a Single GuideThe amped-up second edition of Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius delivers 35 projects so awesomely huge and challenging, only a madman (or woman) would attempt them. Amaze people with ... read more

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On 13 April 1970, Apollo 13 suffered a near-catastrophic explosion. The planned lunar landing was instantly called off and the new challenge was to get the spacecraft safely back to Earth. When the carbon dioxide in the three astronauts' exhaled breath threatened to asphyxiate them, the crew improvised a filter device, which ... read more

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Author:Andrew Dubber
Series:Digital Media and Society

Radio's influence can be found in almost every corner of new media. Radio in the Digital Age assesses a medium that has not only survived the challenges of a new technological age but indeed has extended its reach. This is not a book about digital radio, but rather about the medium of radio in its many analogue and digital ... read more

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Author:Don Geary

This hands-on guide gives beginning welders everything they need to know to work safely and productively. Its easy-to-understand format clearly shows how to: set up an oxacetylene welding outfit; use new processes, fuels, equipment, techniques; set up your own workshop; and work safely. For practice, Geary includes welding pr... read more

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Celebrating nearly 100 years as "The Bible of the Mechanical Industries", The 28th Edition brings together volumes of knowledge, information and data gathered, revised and improved upon from experts throughout the mechanical industries. Extraordinarily comprehensive yet easy to use since it premiered, "Machinery's Handbook" p... read more

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From back country East Coast pumice soiled hills, through Waipukurau's rolling country and up to the peat-lands of the Waikato, Fencer Fred learned his craft at building conventional, electric, rail fences and assisted in the construction of many sheep, dairy- and cattle yards. This book is intended to be a resource fo novic... read more

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With 688 information-packed pages and now in its 58th year, WRTH remains the single most authoritative source for DXers, listeners, broadcasters and engineers throughout the world. The 2004 edition features extensively updated national and international radio sections, and our unrivalled SW Stations of the World listing. LW, ... read more

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Explains mathematical calculations and technical methods for the pipe fitter and welder and provides relevant reference tables.

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Gears in one form or another are part of most mechanisms, but they are by no means as simple as they may appear. This book explains simply and comprehensively the underlying theory involved, and in its second part, how to cut gears on a lathe or milling machine.

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Author:Paul McFedries
Series:Portable Genius

A handy, quick-access guide to getting the most out of the iPhone 4 If you love all the great stuff that makes up the Apple digital lifestyle, you no doubt consider your iPhone 4 to be indispensable. The newest edition of iPhone Portable Genius is packed with the information you need to make this wonderful device even better.... read more

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* Favorable media coverage and heightened awareness of emergency and disaster preparedness are increasing public interest in amateur or "ham" radio * In a disaster situation, ham radio is often the only reliable method of communication; ham operators handle messages for police and other public service organizations during hur... read more

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Metal fabricators of every ilk, whether they

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A welding guide for vehicles, implements, tools and structures. "The Farm Welding Handbook" covers how to set up a farm-specific welding shop, select and use welding equipment, safety, and varied welding processes. While the book focuses on oxyacetylene gas and welding, the most common methods such as wire-feed MIG welding fo... read more

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4th Edition This is a definitive work on the small lathe which will prove invaluable to every amateur, garage proprietor and light engineer. It is a complete course of instruction embracing almost every process that can be accomplished on the highly adaptable small lathe.

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Suitable for home study, classroom use, or as a superior reference guide for the shop professional, this practical text presents a review and introduction to basic shop mathematics in a straightforward manner. *Offers a logical format that progresses from arithmetical operations through measurement systems to basic algebra... read more

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The perfect getting-started guide for hobbyists and artists who want to learn to work with metal. The TAB Guide to DIY Welding provides you with beginning welder/metalworker projects and instructions that will improve your proficiency quickly. This practical guide takes you through setting up a metalworking studio, finding lo... read more

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