Being given yet another pointless 'man manual' that told him fifty ways to tie a bow tie in under 30 seconds made James May certain there was a need for another kind of book. This book, in fact.
He reckons there are nine vital things that a chap should be able to do. Not stuff you can download from the internet, but re... read more

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Crude, rude and full of attitude, these limericks show that poetry is anything but dreary and dull!Limericks are always popular - especially when they're saucy ones! With plenty of tawdry topics and knock-out punch-lines these adult-only rhymes will have you laughing aloud. And with an extra touch of Irish inspiration, it's a... read more

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Happily, this plague of funny signs shows no sign of abating and this third collection is the silliest and fruitiest yet. "Signspotting 3" will bring whoops of glee to even the most stalwart misery.

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In April 2003, after twenty years of servicing a nation's requirements for battery rechargers and motorised tie holders, time was called on the original Innovations catalogue. With its sad demise, a host of products designed solely to ease our troubled lives ceased to be so readily available. The Chin-Gym for instance, a meta... read more

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A fun collection of wildly inaccurate claims, half-baked theories and fascinating tidbits which may or may not contain a kernel of truth. The ideal book for the 'bloke down the pub' - the quiz fanatic or trivia buff âÂÃÂÂÂ... read more

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Outrages of Everyday LifeLike Kofi Annan, Larry Miller is one of the most irresistible comic personalities working today. Known for years as an actor, writer, comedian, and sexual pioneer, he's gained a new following as a cultural commentator and frequent guest on political shows. Now, in Spoiled Rotten America, he fixes his ... read more

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This hilarious book immortalizes the craze that began while DJ Carl Morris was having a bit of fun in a Wales bar. Here is how Sleevefacing works: You find an old-school vinyl record sleeve with a nice head-shot of your musical icon (Elvis or David Bowie or Debbie Harry will do nicely), put the sleeve in front of your face, a... read more

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Why do we laugh? Where do jokes come from? And have we always laughed at the same things? In this unique, witty and fascinating little book of history and philosophy, Jim Holt reveals all - and throws in the best jokes from the past 2,000 years.A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into bar. 'What is this', the barman says, '... read more

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In this 'best of' collection from one of New Zealand's leading political cartoonists, Garrick Tremain offers and hilarious perspective on some of the most notable and most ridiculous moments in New Zealand politics and popular culture from the last two decades. First published August 2008.

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Contains comedian Tom O'Connor's favourite Irish stories collected over many years. They cover all aspects of Irish life, from the pub to the church, from the home to the workplace. He has also included pearls of Irish logic and witty retorts in the face of adversity.

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Cartoons ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, of how to use the un-useable part of your joint. Howard Marks is king of the dope-smoking world: Mr Nice is now at a staggering half a million copies sold, and the Book of Dope Stories has sold 100,000 copies in six months. Simon Bond is a well-known cartoonist: the cl... read more

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To satisfy the needs of the hundreds of thousands of people who pay good money to see stand-up every year, Malcolm Hardee ('the comedian's comedian' WHSmith Online; 'a national monument' The Guardian) presents a comedy club on the page with a bill featuring the glitterati of British stand-up comedy. We let the famous names an... read more

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No Description

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This annual is a bumper hopper of fun, overflowing with the best bits from issues 162 to 171 of Britain's favourite award-winning toilet grin-mag.

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Contains quotes on old age and various aspects of it.

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'Woman, 36. WLTM man who doesn't try to high-five her after sex'
Personal ads - men and women of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations, laying their souls bare and their hearts on the line - are the modern world's equivalent of the Japanese haiku ...or something like that, anyway. Painstakingly crafted, finely honed and... read more

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Have you heard the one about the man who walked into a bar? (Ouch!) "Penguin Pocket Jokes" is essential (and hilarious) reading for anyone searching for the perfect joke. Whether you want a snappy wisecrack or a longer rib-tickler when making a speech, this easy-to-use guide will provide the perfect witticism.

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Foreword by Malcolm Gladwell for dog lovers, from the greatest magazine in the world, an irresistible anthology of long-form essays, short humour pieces, poems, fiction, and cartoons. Nobody but "The New Yorker" could assemble such an extraordinary compendium on the subject of man's best friend, and no other magazine could bo... read more

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Neil loves Sue. He also loves Doctor Who. But can he bring his two great loves together? And does he have the right? In January 2011, Neil Perryman set out on an insane quest to make his wife Sue watch every episode of the classic series of Doctor Who from the very beginning. Even the ones that didn't exist any more. And so, ... read more

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