This edition replaces Ezra Pound's "Selected Poems 1908-1969", and offers a revaluation of the poetry by conjoining early and late works within a new overview. Emphasis has also been laid on the interpenetration of original composition and translation within Pound's career, and the edition includes the complete "omage to Sext... read more

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Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was born in Sussex and died in Italy when his sailing boat overturned while returning from a visit to Byron. A radical thinker and social campaigner, Shelley wrote some of the finest lyric verse in the English language which confirms his standing as a major figure in Romantic literature. In th... read more

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This landmark new collection brings together the best of the poetry of Vladimir Nabokov, one of the twentieth century's greatest writers and author of "Lolita" and "Pale Fire". It includes an extensive number of poems that have never appeared in English before, newly translated from the Russian by his son Dmitri Nabokov. Thes... read more

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Under the Skin is Monica Taylor's third collection of poems, offering memories from books, pictures,people and places, and looking below the surface to illuminate meaning.

Memory file
Contentment is not enough
    for life
excitement is needed too,
sometimes found wh... read more

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Welcome to the world of Edward Lear! Wonderfully reissued in 2012 to celebrate the bicentenary of Edward Lear, this exquisitely-illustrated hardback is a classic in the making. John Vernon's Lord's stunning illustrations completely capture the spirit and satirical wit of Lear's work, conveying a lifelong enthusiasm for Lear's... read more

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Merging the spirits of Don Quixote, Shakespearean fools, Theodore Roethke, Frank O'Hara, James Merrill and the Marx Brothers, Zach Savich's first book does more than showcase the innovative fluency of its roving forms and moods: these poetic hybrids are not hothouse blossoms but minotaurs. With ebullient intelligence and high... read more

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A collection of poems written and translated by the distinguished poet, novelist, playwright and broadcaster, James Kirkup. An impression of the strength of the survivors of the atrocities at Hiroshima, and the courage of campaigners against nuclear weapons, underpins the powerful imagery of the poems.

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No Description

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"One of the wisest books I've read in years, and it would be a shame to think that only poets will read it."--David Kirby, "The New York Times Book Review," on "Madness, Rack, and Honey""What a civil, undomesticable, and heartening poet is Mary Ruefle . . . any Ruefle poem is an occasion of resonant wit and language, subject ... read more

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Distilled within this volume are some of the most beautiful lines from a profoundly spiritual poet whose work remains as relevant today as it was in his own time. This book organizes the best moments from Rumi's poetry into distinct themes, allowing the reader to dip into these words at leisure.

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Leonard Cohen's first book of new poetry since "Book of Mercy" was published two decades ago. It collects Cohen's poetry written between the 1980s and the present, and also includes his wonderfully witty and sensuous illustrations, including numerous playful self-portraits. The illustrations interact with, and complement, the... read more

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In Dancing in the Wind, poetic voices such as Dylan Thomas, Robert Burns, Shakespeare, the Brownings, Seamus Heaney, and A. E. Housman are matched with masterworks of painting, drawing, and sculpture by John Singer Sargent, Whistler, Turner, Constable, David Hockney, and William Blake, among other well-known artists.
T... read more

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Hyphens used throughout, reflecting Dickinson's style Unpublished in her lifetime, Emily Dickinson's intensely personal lyrics have much been admired since her death. This is a collection of her work.

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In 1995 BBC Television's 'Bookworm' programme conducted a poll amongst viewers to determine their favourite poems. The top 100 are presented in this book. They include the winner, Kipling's If, and many other classics, as well as modern verse by writers such as Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes.

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Covering a variety of reflections on life, this beautiful book of poetry is written from the heart. It deals with issues of love, hope, happiness and sorrow that are beneficial for our growth as human beings. In using this type of book, the reader can choose one particular poem as a meditation to reflect on their circum... read more

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Sarah Broom provides an engaging, challenging and lively introduction to contemporary British and Irish poetry. The book covers work by poets from a wide range of ethnic and regional backgrounds and covers a broad range of poetic styles, including mainstream names like Seamus Heaney and Carol Ann Duffy alongside more marginal... read more

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Author:John Keats
Series:Popular Penguins

Over the course of his short life, John Keats (1795-1821) honed a raw talent into a brilliant poetic maturity. This wide-ranging selection of Keats's poetry contains youthful verse, such as his earliest known poem 'Imitation of Spenser'; poems from his celebrated collection of 1820 - including 'Lamia', 'Isabella', 'The Eve ... read more

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This volume contains poems chosen by Carol Ann Duffy from her first six acclaimed collections, from Standing Female Nude (1985) to Feminine Gospels (2002), and a handful of 'other poems' collected her for the first time. It shows a writer who hit the ground running, emerging into the world with an utterly distinctive voice, b... read more

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This is the fourth book in the series arising from the Kathleen Grattan Award for Poetry. Each book is produced with attention to the traditional qualities of fine book production, in typography, illustration, design, paper and binding.

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