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Meet You At The Church Steps captures the unfolding social tapestry that has played out on Church Hill and its historic steps since the arrival in November 1841 of the New Zealand Company to establish the colony of Nelson. Published to mark the 2013 centennial of the Cawthron Steps, the ornate granite stairway gifted to the c... read more

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Aviation's influenece on Nelson has been profound. With challenging road access, no rail link and the barrier of Cook Strait, Nelson had the reputation of being a 'sleepy hollow'. It was isolated and in some way still is, yet has never been the same since the first aircraft visit in 1921. After aero club beginnings, a pion... read more

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An eclectic guide to some of the best cultural treasures the region has to offer, introducing you to more than 100 artists, wineries, restaurants and more. Whether you are a serious art buyer, or just looking to experience the culture and creative flavour of the region, this book will be a great souvenir of your visit.
... read more

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A well-researched and lavishly illustrated account of our boulder bank - the largest in the world. Nelson author, Karen Warren, details its formation, natural history, Maori legend and use, the associated history of European settlement and Nelson City, and she makes suggestions on how it can be safeguarded.

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Go Wild is a new style of native forest restoration manual, combining the “how to” with the stories of people who have done it, inspire it and live it. The Go Wild manual guides you through the restoration process, from choosing a site and plants, to establishing “pioneers”, feeding native birds, prot... read more

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Nelson's "Mosquito Fleet" of little sailing vessels played an important role in the first century of European settlement, not only in Blind Bay but around the whole top half of the South Island and across Cook Strait. From the Deal boats that came from England with the First New Zealand Company ships to the Tasmanian ketches ... read more

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As a young man in the mid-1970s, Paul Bensemann was told an archetypal 'lost gold' story by his neighbour, a tobacco farmer in the Motueka Valley on the edge of what is now Kahurangi National Park. The story concerned an old prospector who had found a huge exposed gold reef, shining in the sun, deep in the mountain wilderness... read more

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The Anglican Church was the first and largest denomination to be active in the colony of New Zealand. The Anglican Diocese of Nelson was established in 1857 and Nelson's first Bishop, Edmund Hobhouse, was installed on 28th April, 1859. Over more than 150 years, successive Bishops of Nelson have made their mark on the Diocese ... read more

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The definitive history of the Nelson region.

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This book rips the lid off sixty-odd years of life in New Zealand and Australia. Like all good stories there is something in it for everyone - sex, drugs,drink, violence, a hint of debauchery, nudity, extremes of flatuence, poaching, and even a little hanky panky from one of man's best friends.
This series of short stor... read more

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DoP 2008, Auckland A-4 / 24pp Softcover Port Ligar farmer Jack Shand put it succinctly at the official opening of the Te Towaka-Port Ligar Road in 1968. "We were out on a limb. Now we are on the trunk and can go anywhere in New Zealand by road."The French Pass district in the northwest of the Marlborough Sounds was one ... read more

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Dop October 2008, NZ 48pp softcover 240mmx170mm The Abel Tasman National Park iS the best bit of New Zealand. That's what Mike Grudge thinks and plenty of people agree. Situated at the top of New Zealand's South Island near the towns of Motueka and Takaka, the Coastal Track will amaze you with its golden beaches, native... read more

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The Story of the Hadfield Family Frederick Brown Hadfield arrived in Nelson in 1858 with his family. Two sons, Harry Roodhouse Hadfield and William Welby Hadfield, farmed at Awaroa Bay from 1863; this book centres on William and his wife Adele, nee Martha Adele Ann Snow, and their descendants.

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Te Ara Hou - The New Society is the second volume in the history of Maori in Nelson and Marlborough. This history details Maori participation in the European settlement society, from commitment to Christianity to enthusiasm for commerce and relationships with Europeans. It shows how Maori fared under European institutions, st... read more

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A 32 page booklet about the Brook Waimarama Wildlife Sanctuary being developed at the former Nelson City water reserve. It is planned to have a fenced enclosure (c700 ha) to bring this area back to its natural state with all the attendant wildlife.

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Tucked away in the north-west corner of the South Island, the Golden Bay-Motueka Rugby Football Union was one of the smallest of New Zealand's provincial unions. 'The Bays' as it was commonly known, was formed in 1920 when it broke away from Nelson, and was in existence until the two unions amalgamated again as Nelson Bays in... read more

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