Darrin Zeer, the best-selling author of Office Yoga, knows that massage is good for relationships, not just sore muscles. Lovers' Massage draws on a range of exotic massage techniques

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The Busy Person's Guide: Indian Head Massage can help to ease headaches, improve circulation in your head, face and scalp and reduce stiffness in your neck and shoulders. The Busy Person's Guide: Indian Head Massage is ideal for busy people as it is structured around the day and includes routines that you can do at home, ... read more

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This is a comprehensive guide to the unique methods that have made the Ohashi Institute famous around the world; methods that have moved beyond traditional shiatsu to develop an approach to acupressure that is holistic rather than symptomatic, energizing rather than purely physical. Above all, these techniques are designed to... read more

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Simple techniques for everyone: from birth to 90 Pressing reflex points on the feet and hands is ideal for encouraging health and overall well being. Find out how everyone in the family, from pregnant women to babies and seniors, can benefit from this gentle form of therapy. Easy-to-follow step-by-step photos show you how tre... read more

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Larry Costa has managed some of the world's most famous bodies, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman and John Travolta. Massage: Mind and Body enables you to bring his renowned pampering and therapeutic techniques into your own home. Larry explains the essential strokes and techniques, then guides you through his signat... read more

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Massage fulfils one of our most basic human needs - the desire to touch and be touched. Giving someone a massage is deeply rewarding, whether you treat friends and family or work as a therapist. This updated edition of Susan Mumford's best-selling book tells you everything you need to get started, guiding you step by step thr... read more

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Integrating Anatomy and Treatment - with Primal Pictures 3D Interactive Anatomy CD-ROM

This richly illustrated text teaches the basic techniques of clinical massage therapy by embedding illustrations of internal structures directly into photographs of live models. Each muscle or muscle group is shown, along with ... read more

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How to Treat Aches and Pains, Stress, and Flagging Energy A comprehensive introduction to massage techniques, this title contains clear, step-by-step instructions on how to aid relaxation, relieve aches and pains and improve energy levels. Experiment with massage in the comfort of your own home and treat family and friend... read more

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A complete no-nonsense reference guide to massage, this book is suitable for the general reader and also the massage, sports therapies or beauty therapy student.

Massage has always been a popular technique used for the relief of stress, for sports injuries and to develop sexual relationships. It is an instinctive... read more

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Discover simple fingertip remedies for more than 30 common ailments, aches and pains, to use on friends, family or yourself. These effective techniques, that anyone can learn quickly, are drawn from a variety of Eastern and Western manipulative therapies, such as massage, reflexology, acupressure and shiatsu. The book is smal... read more

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