This is the story of a quest I began three decades ago - the search for my Chinese identity. The path I travelled was not linear, and the years brought pain as well as joy. But, while this is a narrative about being... read more

Being Chinese : A New Zealander's Story
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 Biography / Memoir

Awards:Long-listed for Ockham New Zealand Book Awards - Illustrated Non-Fiction 2017.

Katherine Mansfield is a literary giant in New Zealand-but she had to leave the country to become one. She wrote, 'Oh to be a writer, a real writer.' And a real writer she was, until she died at age 34 of tuberculosis.... read more

Mansfield and Me: A Graphic Memoir
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 Wine, Beer & Spirits

Beer — it’s the world’s favourite alcoholic drink and its popularity is soaring. It has only four key ingredients but fearless brewers are adding countless others, from chocolate and coconut to beard-grown yeast, s... read more

How to Have a Beer
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The inside story of New Zealand's iconic independent record label by the man who made it happen.
I wanted to be more than just an observer. I wanted to be a part of what was going on. I had told... read more

In Love with These Times: My Life With Flying Nun Records
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The incredible true story of William 'Bully' Hayes, the so-called 'Pirate of the Pacific': a story that separates the myth from the man. Famous throughout the Pacific, from the U... read more

The Notorius Captain Hayes: The Remarkable True Story of the Pirate of the Pacific
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 NZ - Fiction

Funny and moving, this novel subverts notions of 'man vs. wild' while showcasing women's strength and purpose, and the power of friendship and laughter.
Loretta is a school librarian, who embarks on compiling The Dangerou... read more

The Quiet Spectacular
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 NZ - Fiction

Awards:The Hubert Church Award for Fiction (Best First Book) 2016 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards

The 1928 Ravat-Wonder team from New Zealand and Australia were the first English-speaking team to ride the Tour de France. From June through July they faced one of toughest in the race's history: 5,476 kilometres of unsealed roads ... read more

Set in post-WWI Europe, it is 1928, the Ravat-Wonder team from Australia and New Zealand are the first English-speaking team to ride in the Tour de France. Forget the super high-tech and light-weight equipment here, this is gruelli... read more

The Invisible Mile
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 Children - 9 to 14

A frozen palace and a sparkling secret - an epic Russian adventure awaits! Anna Orlov might be the luckiest girl in the world. She is the daughter of a Russian Count and lives in a beautiful snowbound palace that is home to a men... read more

The Diamond Horse (HB)
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