Grete Prytz Kittelsen (1917 2010) is regarded as "the queen of Scandinavian design." Her sphere of influence in the history of decorative art and design stretches from the Scandinavian Design period, 1945-65,... read more

Grete Prytz Kittelsen: The Art of Enamel Design
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This lavishly illustrated book features essays from thirty of the world's top designers who talk about fashion in the first decade of the 21st Century with its emphasis on cr... read more

Couture in the 21st Century: In the Words of 30 of the World's Most Cutting-Edge Designers
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Jewellery Design and Development takes a unique approach to understanding these processes, by exploring the works of seventeen innovative jewellers from around the world, and examining the different ... read more

Jewellery Design and Development: From Concept to Object
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Retracing the forty glorious years of a firm, of a brand of kits intended for beginners just as much as it was for the most demanding buffs

1973-2010 The Story of Matchbox Kits
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For crafters who like their stitching with a twist, this book reworks or reimagines fine embroidery and cute craft imagery so that they cross over to the dark side. Think charming cottages wit... read more

Twisted Stitches : 30 Corrupt Cross Stitch and Embroidery Designs
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Gardens are now considered by many people to be an extension of the home, and with the popularity of reclaiming, re-using and re-inventing rather than buyin... read more

Gardenalia: Furnishing Your Garden with Flea Market Finds, Country Collectables and Architectural Salvage
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Extending from World War I to an imagined twenty-first century, Intensive Care (first published in 1970) highlights the appalling treatment of the physically and mentally sick. Tom Livingstone, young and wounded in th... read more

Intensive Care and Daughter Buffalo
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 Craft - Metalwork

A tribute to the skill and ingenuity of a versatile craftsman. The book explains the role of the blacksmith as hardware maker,farrier and village handyman and explains the methods for fullering, upsetting and welding wrought iron. The... read more

The Blacksmith
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Woodworking with Mind, Body, and Senses What's the secret to producing beautiful furniture that you and your family will treasure for generations? It starts with the... read more

The Foundations of Better Woodworking: How to Use Your Body, Tools and Materials to Do Your Best Work
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Hailed by one reviewer as 'likely a work of genius', Scented Gardens For The Blind (first published in 1963) ostensibly follows the members of the fractured Glace family, suffering from different forms of ... read more

Scented Gardens for the Blind and the Adaptable Man
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"The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home" is not about extreme, off-the-grid living. It's for city and suburban dwellers with day jobs: people who love to cook, love fresh natural ingr... read more

The Lost Arts of Hearth & Home: The Happy Luddite's Guide to Domestic Self-Sufficiency
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"If rock is walking on the wild paths of life, Stan Guigui embodies rock in its purest state!" Rolling Stone Magazine This collection of black and white photographs of the Cabaret New Burlesque troupe is an exuberant tribute to ... read more

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