This fully updated, hands-on guide teaches all the electronics skills necessary to become a successful inventor Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition explains everything from general theory to specif... read more

Practical Electronics for Inventors
$75.00 (NZD) inc GST
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With the rawest of materials, a minimum of technology, and a maximum of ingenuity, men and boys in the early 1900s dedicated themselves to crafting wonderful items, both practical and fancifu... read more

Boy  Mechanic Makes Toys: 200 Games, Toys, Tricks, and Other Amusements
$14.99 (NZD) inc GST
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 Technical - General

A welding guide for vehicles, implements, tools and structures. "The Farm Welding Handbook" covers how to set up a farm-specific welding shop, select and use welding equipment, safety, and varied welding processes. While the boo... read more

Farm Welding Handbook
$60.00 (NZD) inc GST
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768 pages Roger Timings Technical author, formerly at Henley College, Coventry, UK. One of the UK

Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book
$70.88 (NZD) inc GST
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The perfect getting-started guide for hobbyists and artists who want to learn to work with metal. The TAB Guide to DIY Welding provides you with beginning welder/metalworker proj... read more

The TAB Guide to DIY Welding: Hands-on Projects for Hobbyists, Handymen, and Artists
$45.00 (NZD) inc GST
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 Technical - General

Series:Digital Media and Society

Radio's influence can be found in almost every corner of new media. Radio in the Digital Age assesses a medium that has not only survived the challenges of a new technological age but indeed has extended its reach. This is not ... read more

Radio in the Digital Age
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In this book, long-time model maker Stan Bray describes the construction of a range of uncomplicated miniature steam engines, for construction by the model engineer. Single-acting oscillator to more sophisticated twin-... read more

Making Simple Model Steam Engines
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Unlike most engineering maths texts, this book does not assume a firm grasp of GCSE maths, and unlike low-level general maths texts, the content is tailored specifically to the needs of engineers. The result is a unique ... read more

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Dickason wrote this book back in the days when all you had was a trammel bar, rule and set of dividers to mark out patterns for the obects to be constructed. The book starts with the Radial line method of development an... read more

The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work
$135.00 (NZD) inc GST
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Getting started with electronics has never been easier than with this full-color DIY guide The perfect companion for every hobbyist, Hacking Electronics provides a wealth of up-to-date tu... read more

Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists
$49.99 (NZD) inc GST
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This new book is more than a simple engine repair manual. Designed for the beginner with little or no mechanical experience, Small Engines & Outdoor... read more

Small Engines & Outdoor Power Equipment: A Care & Repair Guide: For Lawnmowers, Snowblowers, & Small Gas-Powered Implements
$39.99 (NZD) inc GST
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