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My Family Table: Simple Wholefood Recipes from Petite KitchenLucy reviews Eleanor Ozich's My Family Table: Simple wholefood recipes from Petite Kitchen.

Occasionally I pick up a cookbook that claims to be for "family" cooking, and flick through it. I take in the quinoa tartlets, the marinated tofu, the kale chips and I think 'yeah, I could eat that'. And then I remember that I have kids, who, while not being particularly picky eaters, are somewhat, discerning in their tastes. They like raw veges, bread, cheese and noodles. All liberally spread with peanut butter for preference. But I try to be a decent mother, which means trying to branch their palates out, away from the kilo of Pics in the cupboard, and into something more adventurous. I want a happy middle ground, something that is healthy and sustainable, but also looks decent on the plate, doesn't require fancy foods (activated cashew nuts anyone?), is friendly to the scathing child's eye and doesn't take three hours and a culinary degree to master.

Eleanor Ozich's My Family Table: Simple wholefood recipes from Petite Kitchen is exactly the book I need to have on hand in my kitchen. It's packed full of yummy, hearty, unfussy and family-friendly recipes, and last week I made two of them, ‘Roast Chicken with Fennel Salt & Crispy Smashed Potatoes’ for a dinner with my Dad, and ‘Spiced Pumpkin Scones’, which I made with the assistance of my 4 year old (see photo).