Around The World In 80 Years

Author: Nicola Clark


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He’s climbed Everest not long after a heart bypass operation, he’s run seven marathons on seven continents, he’s hauled loaded sledges across both polar ice caps and he’s circumnavigated the earth…Ran Fiennes truly is the world’s greatest explorer, and this book celebrates his 80th birthday by showcasing his greatest achievements in his own words. Featuring interviews and tributes from his friends, colleagues and admirers, Around the World in 80 Years celebrates the incredible life of a legendary explorer.

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ISBN: 9781399729741 Author : Ranulph Fiennes
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Bind: Paperback
Imprint: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Language: English
Weight (g) 380 Dewey classification:
  • 910.92
  •  : 288
Publication date: March 2024 Pages: 288
Dimensions: h232mm  x  w152mm  x s24mm BIC subject: BGA
Product Type: books

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