The Survivors

Author: Nicola Clark


$38.00 inc GST

True stories of death and desperation One survivor chooses loneliness. One chooses exile. One chooses oblivion. Some have violent tendencies, ruining lives indiscriminately. Some seal their own fate in slow motion; others do so in the blink of an eye. In The Survivors, award-winning true-crime writer Steve Braunias retells twelve mysteries of human nature – unusual stories of how people choose to survive their own lives, and their decisions, desires, impulses… and failings.

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ISBN:9781775542568 Author: Steve Braunias
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand Bind: Paperback
Imprint: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Language: English
Weight (g): Dewey classification:
Publication date: July 2024 Pages: 288
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Product Type: books

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