The Life Of Dai

Author: Dai Henwood


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A profound and inspirational account of dealing with adversity and finding daily meaning and happiness in our lives. ‘Part memoir and part masterclass in finding hope and joy in the face of unthinkable challenges. This isn’t a book about cancer, it’s a book about living.’ – Jaquie Brown Dai Henwood wanted to be a comedian even before he knew what a comedian was. He always knew there was something special in being able to make people laugh – even when the world goes dark. In January 2023 Dai shared publicly that three years earlier he had been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. Perhaps the ultimate teacher for what really matters, his incurable cancer has shown him a new way of living that embraces small moments of perfection and cherishes things we often overlook. As well as showing us how laughter can be a wonderful medicine – and there are many laughs in his book – he teaches us that often the gifts we’ve been searching for are right in front of us, if only we could see them.

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ISBN: 9781775542551 Author: Dai Henwood
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand Bind: Paperback
Imprint: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd Language: English
Weight (g): 393.0 Dewey classification: 362.1969943470092
Publication date: June 2024 Pages: 288
Dimensions: 2.2 Cm X 15.4 Cm X 23.5 Cm BIC subject: BM
Product Type: books

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