Tenzin Heatherbell, Sorry to Disturb, Author Talk

5.15 pm, At Page and Blackmore

This book documents Germany’s climate movement at a time when the awareness of the global climate crisis is omnipresent. It tells the story of people who are giving up their normal lives, quitting their jobs and dropping out of university to dedicate themselves to the fight for more climate action.

While working on this project, photographer Tenzin Heatherbell immersed himself in a world that was unknown to him. He visited activists in their homes, went to court hearings and observed people practising glueing their hands. Time and again, he was amidst the action: Heatherbell woke up in a barn when the occupied village of Lützerath was stormed by several thousand police officers with the eviction clearing the way for the extraction of a further 110 million tonnes of coal. He photographed Letzte Generation on over 40 occasions across Germany in museums, on motorways, bridges and airports.

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